Maxihook 20L with ‘Corsica’ spacer hook


Maxihook 20L is a wall hook suitable for hanging heavy works of art. Equipped with a “Corsica” hook, this hanging system offers an offset that makes it easy to hang thick paintings, with back protections, display cases or other devices which have extra thickness.

The adjustment screw located at the bottom allows you to adjust the height. It is operated with a special screwdriver.

Several models are available for different offsets depending on your needs:

Maxihook 20L / CORSICA20-A: range 32 mm
Maxihook 20L / CORSICA20-B: range 37 mm
Maxihook 20L / CORSICA20-C: range 47 mm
Maxihook 20L / CORSICA20-D: range 57 mm
Maxihook 20L / CORSICA20-E: range 67 mm

Possibility to add an anti-theft function with security nutsor to order the “Corsica” spacer hooks independently of the Maxihook 20L (consult us).

Quantity : 20 – 99 5%
Quantity : 100-199 10%
Quantity : 200+ 15%


The supported weights indicated for the Maxihook 20Lmust be reduced according to the overhanging position of the Corsica.

Additional information



Maxihook 20 datasheet (in english)


Maxihook 20 Installation (in french)


Corsica spacer synoptic


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