Intellectual Property

Chassitech claims intellectual property of this website and in particular of its general structure as well as its editorial content.

All components of the site are the exclusive property of Chassitech unless otherwise stated. Any representation, copy or reproduction, even partial, is forbidden without prior written authorization from Chassitech. This prohibition concerns any text or original terminological element, databases, documentation, know-how, any photo or animated image, plan or drawing including brand representations and this on all media. Not respecting this prohibition is an act of counterfeiting which exposes the civil and penal responsibilities of its author.

We have several industrial property titles on our hanging products:

FR0707585 Lock (France)
FR0706796 Unix (France)
FR1300644 Bloq (France)
Registered designs
20140290 Varihook (France)
20130979 Maxihook 40 (France)
1335939 Unirail (Europe)
20190916 Attache 8KW (France)
20194723 Rotax (France)