Self gripping hooks

These hooks are to be used to hang artwork on cables.
Automatic hooks, also called self-gripping hooks can be used to hang artwork which has strap hangers, rings, eye bolts, etc.

These hooks are put onto the cables in the same way as hooks on traditional gallery rods. Height adjustment does not require tools. They include an automatic holding system which is called the ‘gripper’. Unlike traditional cable clips, Gripsys do not cut cables, but rather work by applying progressive 3 or 6 microbead pressure.

Our hook grippers have a safety latch or another system to stop the art from coming off the hook during handling. Other models also have a mechanical anti-theft nut which closes the hook or fork and requires qualified knowledge to be removed.
The majority of automatic hooks have a locking ring which avoids unintentional or malevolent height adjustments.

The supported weights are based on manufacturer recommendations. The load resistance also depends on the quality of fastenings both on the object and in the wall.

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Showing all 6 results