‘Clevis’ gripper with fork

19,70126,60 / piece

Clevis, hooks for suspending pictures on cables, are very useful for art work loans.
They have an automatic system to hold them in position (grippers) and a fork (clevis) fitted with a pin to lock the hangers of the picture. They can be used in your cable hanging system to display works without changing the original hangers: d-ring hangers, rope, chains, rings, screw eyes, etc. They are designed for cables between ø 0.8 mm and 8 mm, depending on the model.

They replace movable automatic hooks, and are more versatile (for very large rings or heavy artwork) and, most importantly, provide more anti-removable security compared to latch hooks.
The height of the exhibit can be adjusted by means of the disengagement of the gripper (without tools).
This disengagement is lockable for the entire range (except Clevis 4).

Quantity : 20 – 99 5%
Quantity : 100-199 10%
Quantity : 200+ 15%


The supported weights that are possibly indicated are based on manufacturer recommendations or tests conducted by Chassitech on a traction bench in near-real life conditions. They include a wide safety margin, but these are for indicative purposes. The load resistance depends very much on the quality of fastenings both on the object and in the wall.

Additional information


Clevis datasheet (in french)


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