Maxihook 40 standard hooks

66,90 / piece

Maxihook 40 standard are adjustable wall hooks for very heavy works of art. The lower part has an adjustment screw to adjust the height, which can be done from the sides of the artwork. It is also pre-adjustable before the artwork is hung.

Wall fixing with 6 holes for ø 5 mm screws (not supplied).

A special screwdriver is required to adjust it. An anti-theft device is available as an additional product.

Upon request: Extended model with the choice of length and number of fixings for particularly fragile walls. .

Registered design (France).

In stock

Quantity : 20 – 99 5%
Quantity : 100-199 10%
Quantity : 200+ 15%


The weights indicated are based on tests carried out by Chassitech on a traction bench in near-real life conditions. They include a wide safety margin, but these are for indicative purposes. The load resistance depends very much on the quality of fastenings both on the object and in the wall.

Additional information



Plate dimensions

Space between the picture and the wall

37 mm

Adjustement range

30 mm

Max. recommended load

Maxihook 40 datasheet (in french)


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