‘Twenty’ low pressure table

Low-pressure vacuum table for painted canvases, with a heating platen.

Lead time: 8-10 weeks


It can be upgraded
You can create your own customised low pressure table by adding options to the base model.
The only components that are required are the heating platen and the control box. For cold vacuum tables, only the cold platen is required. Minimum order: 4 panels.

The heating platens (or cold platens) can be easily joined together on all 4 sides to handle larger paintings.

Optimised heat distribution with a tightly woven grid of resistors. It is low in energy consumption and has unique vacuum technology.

Option: Enclosure with vacuum film
Requires a side channel turbine and the framing device. Please contact us.

Lightweight platens that are easy to transport on site. Can be connected to a normal 230 V socket. Optional base which is removable without tools.

Low Cost
Tight cost calculation, simplified manufacturing, without compromising on quality.

Industrial quality – has been exported worldwide.

'Twenty' tables datasheet (in french)


'Twenty' tables Prices Examples


'Twenty' tables Prices Details


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