Exclusive-to-you very high security screw

We can create screws of which you are the sole owner (with an exclusive licence).

All shapes, dimensions and threads can be studied.

Minimum order per reference: 2500.

Free service: engraving screw heads with your name (on request).

The illustration is only indicative.


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The very high security screws have unique drives that provide less grip for screwdrivers than commercially available cruciform or Torx™ drives. (This feature significantly improves resistance to dismantling). Therefore, they should be screwed in using the unique bit supplied and with the utmost care, especially with electric screwdrivers where low torque is preferred. Wherever necessary, pilot holes should be drilled, especially in hard materials such as MDF (’medium’). These precautions will ensure that the screwdriver bits will last a long time and will make it much easier to loosen/unscrew the screws at at a later date, while also protecting the screw heads.


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