‘Unirail’ universal semi-pro rail

39,70 / 3 m rail

This innovative click rail is compatible with 95% of existing picture hanging cables thanks to machined holes every metre. It can also be fitted with Cobra™ or Twister™ type insert cables.
Holes can be sealed to make removing the cable difficult (poorly supervised public areas).

Chassitech exclusive.
Black or brushed aluminium finish on request.

European registered design.

In stock


Most rails on the market only accept large diameter Perlon cables or wires (usually 1.8 mm or 2 mm), which are unsightly for small objects. Cables from ⌀ 1 mm (10 kg load) can be fed into the Unirail.
We carry some of the most common cables as well as a cable clamp, so that you can build your own suspensions cost-effectively using cable sold by the metre.

The recommended loads include a safety coefficient of 2; they vary from 10 kg to 30 kg depending on the cable and have been tested on a traction bench.

Additional information

Max. recommended load


25 × 8 mm


Stored colour

Ral 9010 White

Package content

Unirail datasheet (in french)


Unirail assembly manual (in french)


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