Cable suspender for J-Rails – Design Model

Convertible suspenders that can be inserted from the front of the rail, suitable for most conventional rod rails (J-shaped cross-section). These upper fasteners allow terminating cables to be fitted to old rod systems.
The suspender where the top end of the cable is located can be moved horizontally and locked in position by a front screw. This fastening avoids removal in the event of incorrect operations, crowd movement, etc.

Insert from the front: the Design suspender has a vertical slot which can be used to ‘suspend’ the top end of the cable without needing to thread the cable over its length.
The Design suspender works in the same way as standard suspenders, but thanks to its rounded form, is suitable for very modern exhibition atmospheres, especially if the rail is low.

For cables up to ⌀ 2.5 mm, with a crimped, Chassitech like end.

For cables of various diameters and lengths adapted to the loads to be supported, see additional products. For more information, please contact us. Samples can be lent out.

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Max load: comply with the instructions for each part (rails, cables, lower hangers, etc.). and refer to the ‘weakest link’. If you have any questions, please contact us.

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36 × 18 × 18

Cable suspender for J Rails datasheet (in french)


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