‘Flexhang Narrow’ hooks – Set of 2


Flexhang hooks are a variant of traditional Temart hooks, which have the 2 main functions: levelling and anti-theft.
The hook is soldered onto a backplate that is slightly off-centre (towards the inside of the work of art, for more discretion). This plate also ensures artwork to be fixed more securely to the wall (2 screws) and prevents the hook from rotating. Particularly useful for plasterboard fixings.

‘Flexhang Narrow’ hooks are a new version of Flexhang wall hooks, with a black finish in order to better blend into dark surroundings, with a less protruding screw hook, which ensures the picture is closer to the wall.
Requires a special screwdriver to turn the anti-theft nut (see additional products).

Exclusive distribution for

Quantity: 60-119 5%
Quantity: 120-199 10%
Quantity: 200+ 15%


The weights given are based on the manufacturer’s recommendations for standard installation conditions. The load resistance also depends on the quality of fastenings both on the object and in the wall..

Additional information

Max. recommended load



Flexhang narrow datasheet (in french)


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