Temart T-Hang Safety hooks T4 / T5


Zinc-plated steel ‘T-Hang’ Temart Hooks, which are made in Sweden, are simple and clever devices. They are fixed in the wall and allow for the levelling of artwork (lower nut), all while also providing an anti-theft function (upper dome nut).
All Temart hooks have a stopping plate to block the hook against the wall, thus improving how well the whole installation holds up.

The ⌀ 4 mm T4 and ⌀ 5 mm T5 are screwed directly into either a wall dowel or in wood.
The T5 comes in 2 thread lengths to be chosen according to the nature of the wall.
Tens of thousands of Temart hooks are in use in museums around the world.
The supported weights are indicative. This value depends on the quality of the fastenings on the object and the wall.

A special screwdriver is needed to use the anti-theft nut (see additional products).

Exclusive distribution for

Quantity: 6-11 5%
Quantity: 12-19 10%
Quantity: 20+ 15%


Model øa øb A B C
T4 4,5 4 30 6 25
T5 5,5 5 33 8 25
T5L 5,5 5 60 8 25

The weights given are based on the manufacturer’s recommendations for standard installation conditions. The load resistance also depends on the quality of fastenings both on the object and in the wall..

Additional information


Max. recommended load

Temart safety hooks datasheet (in french)


Temart safety hooks installation (in french)


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