Gripsys self gripping cable holders

26,3038,20 / piece

Gripsys hangers can be used to suspend artwork on cables. They are screwed into the frame, generally replacing existing hangers or hooks.

Quantity : 20 – 99 5%
Quantity : 100-199 10%
Quantity : 200+ 15%


Hanging artwork on cables usefully replaces hanging rods or chains by increasing security and discretion. Gripsys hangers can be used to join the picture to a cable. They are screwed into the frame, generally replacing strap hangers or hooks.

Gripsys are fixed into the back of the exhibit with at least 2 screws each (security).
Each Gripsys includes a system which allows the cable to be slid, or locked, without tools. Unlike traditional cable clips, Gripsys do not cut cables, but rather work by applying progressive 3 or 6 microbead pressure.
Depending on the weight, the diameter of the cables should become larger, and in turn, the correct Gripsys should be used.
The cables are joined to the wall or the ceiling.

. The cable hanging system allows the height to be totally adjustable. If the cables are also attached to rails, horizontal adjustment becomes possible, which allows the space between the exhibits to be completely managed. A precise and reversible installation – without damaging the walls – is possible.
At the end of the exhibition, the exhibits can continue to be displayed on the cable or equipped with a small hook cable for direct storage without removing the Gripsys.

Additional information

Max load: recommended — Gripsys 10

10 kg

Max load: recommended — Gripsys 18

30 kg

Max load: recommended — Gripsys 25

80 kg

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