Planex light rail for ceilings

79,00 / piece

The Planex is a rail for cables for light loads that is to be fixed onto the ceiling or onto the floor in the event of floor-ceiling cable tensioning.
Made for 1 mm to 2,5 mm cables depending on the load to be supported and the hangers to be used.
Drilled holes every 12.5 cm.

Lacquering is possible according to the RAL (for volumes only).

Manufactured by Chassitech
For shipping outside mainland France: please contact us.

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The weights that can be handled are based on tests conducted by Chassitech on a traction bench in near-real life conditions. They include a wide safety margin, but these are for indicative purposes. The load resistance depends very much on the quality of fastenings both on the object and in the wall.

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Max. recommended load

Planex datasheet (in french)


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