Visible hangers n° 8


N° 8 hangers are partially visible 8-shaped fittings, for valuable artwork and objects.
Once they are in place, only one of the two loops of the 8 are visible from a front view.
This system will allow you to completely push the work of art up against the wall while also ensuring that there is ventilation space behind the artwork. A washer (supplied) increases this space and avoids marking the wall.

3 designs are available as ready to install kits or the fittings only (without screws):

  • N° 8S: standard version
  • N° 8K: version with a more discreet visible section
  • N° 8KW: version with a more discreet visible section and pre-painted in white Registered model in France.

Using a screw with a security drive (ø 3.5 mm to 4.2 mm) makes theft even more difficult (see additional products).


Other than their hanging purposes, the visible hangers can also be used for HTS, for example, during fixing of unframed artwork in shadow box frames or on shipping frames.

Visible hangers n° 8 datasheet (in french)


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