Self-tensioning aluminium floating stretcher

This type of stretcher has all the technical characteristics of our Aluminium Floating stretchers, with the added option to automatically control canvas tension. It is primarily intended for fragile, deformed or highly variable works.
Due to the foreseeable stresses, the stretcher will be much stronger than the same stretcher which uses manual tensioning.
It can be made in all sections up to 80 mm thick for very large formats.
Illustration photo: thickness 19 mm.

Self-tensioning sections

Production time: 6-12 weeks (depending on the model)


A self-tensioning stretcher may be advisable if, for example

  • observations have revealed deformations, including pockets, bumps, corner folds, etc.,
  • the canvas moves when doors or windows are opened,
  • other signs (lifting, etc.) suggest variations in the tension of the canvas,
  • uncontrolled variations in humidity (events, etc.) should be cause for concern, both in extension and retraction (lining papers),
  • the support or preparation is very reactive,
  • ANDif there is sufficient space to allow automatic extension between the work and the frame (from 5 mm to 15 mm depending on the situation and the format).

Self-tensioning aluminium floating stretcher datasheet (in french)


NEC19 Self-tensioning stretcher User manual (in french)


NEC38 & NEC50 Self-tensioning stretcher User manual - Standard (in french)


NEC38 & NEC50 Self-tensioning stretcher User manual - Preloaded (in french)