Set of Z-bent plates

34,40 / box

Affordable set of 140 bent plates in 7 different heights in a storage box with 200 screws for stretcher/frame fixing.

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This affordable set can be used on most stretcher-to-frame height differences. In contrast to turnbuttons, these plates ensure that the artwork is not under stress against the frame rebate.
They can be fixed at both ends through the elongated hole, which means that they can be mounted as required. This double fixing serves an anti-deframing purpose which improves anti-theft security.
Tip: by changing the bending angle of the plates with pliers or a vice, you can get middling heights.

Contents of the box

  • 20 plates, height 3.2 mm
  • 20 plates, height 6.4 mm
  • 20 plates, height 9.6 mm
  • 20 plates, height 12.7 mm
  • 20 plates, height 19 mm
  • 20 plates, height 25.4 mm
  • 20 plates, height 31.8 mm
  • 100 wood screws (domed head) 3 × 10
  • 100 wood screws (domed head) 3.5 × 13

Can be reordered in bulk in batches of 100 plates of the same size.

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