Temart Fixing-Plates


For fixing stretchers in frames: can replace any type of turnbutton or plate.
This thin Swedish steel plate system can solve most fixing problems.

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The black Fixing-Plates are intended for use in controlled and indoor environments. If the environment is more sensitive, you should use the stainless steel variant.

Quantity: 6-11 5%
Quantity: 12-19 10%
Quantity: 20+ 15%


These Fixing-Plates are made of a special steel which means that they can be reshaped to the desired bending angle using Fixing-Plate Tongs (required). This means that they can be adapted to any height difference between stretcher and frame.
Temart Fixing-Plates are made from sprung steel. They can be fixed at both ends through the elongated hole, which ensures a possiblility for the stretcher to move in the frame. This double fastening option also serves an anti-deframing purpose, improving anti-theft security.

It can be used for other purposes including fastening the framed or unframed artwork to a transit frame, as an overhanging picture hanger, etc.
Affordable and essential. They are very simple to use.

Fixing-Plate sizes
Small Medium Large
Length 55 70 100
Width 12,7 19 19

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Temart Fixing-Plates datasheet (in french)


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