SpringLock is a secure wall hanging system for frames and valuable objects. This very affordable system, which is recognised for anti-theft properties, is essential in thoroughfares where objects that need to be protected are on display (public rooms, waiting rooms, hotel rooms, entryways, etc.).

It is made up of two fittings, each of which has oblong fixing and adjustment holes:
Fitting A has a bridge with a round hole and a removable lock insert.
Fitting B has a bridge with a T-shaped hole.

SpringLock™ security fittings are made from zinc-plated steel. Enough for 25 works of art (set of 50 SpringLocks for method 1 or set of 50 Top Slots + 25 SpringLocks for method 2).
A Chassitech exclusive type A fitting in brass-plated steel is also available. (2 pieces for 1 work of art).

Type B (Top Slot) fittings are also available in sets of 100 (can be used in addition to the set of 50 SpringLocks for 50 frames using method 2).

Screws and wall dowels (Ø 3.5 mm or 4 mm), depending on the type of the wall, are neither supplied.


2 different types of installations are suggested, depending on the layout:

Method 1 (side to side): this method, which is the most common, consists of two type A SpringLocks being screwed on either side of the frame (face to face). Normal screws are fixed into the wall following identical spacing to that of the fittings. The object is therefore displayed in a way that the wall screws fit into the round holes. Side to side insertion of the lock insert locks in the screw heads. The lock insert can only be released using a special tool. This method requires immediate locking during installation.

Method 2 (Top Slot): this method, which uses 3 fixing points, is more affordable and faster to install than 3 type A fittings. 2 type B fittings without lock inserts are screwed in horizontally at the top of the frame onto which the object is suspended. At least one additional type A SpringLock fitting is fixed onto the lower part. The system is secure when the lock is fitted into fitting A. Using this method allows you to differ locking object since they will stay in place.

A special release tool is needed to unlock type A fittings (see additional products). This tool includes (according to chosen model) a SpringLock wall marker, which makes marking the position for the wall artwork easier.

SpringLock type A fittings can be used as an additional anti-pullout latch for the majority of hanging systems. See instructions.



If used only as an additional anti-removal catch:
To be used only in addition to fixed hangers (without height adjustment mechanisms) because the SpringLock locks the work in place (it only allows for very small height adjustments on the condition that you unscrew the fixing screws).
In addition to adjustable hangers (Lock, Temart hooks, etc.), we recommend Chassitech keyhole lock or T-Screws which have an adjustment slot which allow the object to be slid freely during height adjustment all while staying secure.

Instructions (in English)

SpringLock datasheet (in french)


Anti-pull-off catchs function (in french)


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