Tee-Screws for wooden frames


Traditional anti-theft system made up of a T-shaped head wall screw fitting into an oblong plate fixed onto the artwork.
Turning the screw a quarter turn thanks to a special tool locks the system.

It can be used as a picture hanger that is fixed onto each side of the artwork or as an additional security system for artwork that already has other hanging systems.

Packaged in sets of 25 or 200 (bridge, T-shaped screw, fixing screws) or in kits of 3 (bridge, T-shaped screw, fixing screws + plug).

Additional information

Screw length

38,2 mm

Screw head dimensions

13,8 × 3,8 × 1,8 mm

Tee-Screws datasheet (in french)


Anti-pull-off catchs function (in french)


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