Stopper 10 & Stopper 20


Stoppers are cable clamps designed mainly for hanging small and medium-sized artwork by braided wire or cable.
Available in 2 models with different screw sizes.

Once screwed into the object to be hung, this small component only shows a ø 6.5 mm cylinder.
The Stopper can replace any type of ring or bolt fastener and can be screwed into existing holes.
The Stopper can be used to join works of art together or to a fixed structure to create a real anti-theft system. To do this, you can use stoppers along with a cable.
Lock the cable with a cruciform screw.

If necessary, for example in old wood, the Stoppers can be positioned in a row on the same cable to increase the pull-out resistance by distributing the load over several screws.

Tip: The Stopper can also be used to create a basic and affordable floor-ceiling cable tensioning system (see PDF document).

Additional information


Stoppers datasheet (in french)


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