Unix GR


This dual cable clip can be fixed onto an object and can be used to make steel cable loops for the mounting of objects, for hanging and/or anti-theft security of valuable objects (cable not supplied).
It can be used to encircle the whole or just part of the object, and to join it to the wall or the plinth (see Product Sheet).
The central hole can be used to fix the Unix GR on an object by using a ⌀ 3 mm or 3.5 mm screw (not supplied).
For a fast, discreet and efficient security installation. This affordable product does not need specific know-how, and thanks to its versatility, can be used to make any type of fastener from scratch.

Unix GR solves compatibility issues regarding loaned artworks and can also be used to make the equivalent of strap hangers and other hangers, with the further advantage of being able to make an adjustable ‘ring’. Other uses: semi-flexible joining between two objects, hinges, etc.

For cables ⌀ 3.2 mm max.
Cable blocking screw: The Unix GR is supplied with either two headless screws (see screwdriver in additional products) or 2 security screws (see specific key).

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