‘Transformer’  multi-purpose lifting crane

This range of lifting cranes has been designed for museum use. It is unique in that it has counterweights which means that the load weight at the front is counterbalanced at the back. As such, the crane is not hindered by the front wheels and can be positioned against a wall or shelves.
Objects can be supported or suspended depending on the lifting accessory (jib, fork lift, etc.).

These cranes are compact (can fit through any door) and can be completely folded up when not in use, or to fit into a van. The crane is of a very reasonable weight – from 124 kg (spread over 8 wheels), depending on the version; they will not overload old floors.

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It is recommended that it be used as a lifting crane to install and remove panels, because it can place the panel against the wall and lift it.
This type of equipment has also been tested under real conditions and in tandem operation for the movement, handling and racking of very large conservation rolls. It is a particularly manoeuvrable hitch.

Depending on the model: load up to 400 kg, height up to 8 m. Please contact us.
We have lots of accessories that are suitable for museum use.

‘Transformer’ multi-purpose lifting cranes datasheet (in french)