Storage tubes for canvas and textile artwork

Formwork type rolled kraft conservation tubes with central aluminum stiffening axle, anti-crushing flanges and end caps connected by metal rods.

These tubes are made on request, generally when storage spaces are to be equipped. They are therefore designed according to your storage needs, taking into account handling requirements. The design and the making are ensured from beginning to end by Chassitech.

The central tubes are both light and very stiff in order to contribute to the overall rigidity of the tube.
The internal machined foam flanges arranged at regular intervals and the plywood end caps effectively counteract the predictable ovalization of the tubes over the very long term. The installation of a barrier material between the tube and the artwork is recommended (e.g. Tyvek)

Standard manufacture up to ⌀ 50 cm and length up to 5.5 m subject to minimum quantities :

  • Tubes delivered assembled : from 5 pieces
  • In kits ready to assemble (kraft tube not included) : from 2 pieces

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