Tyvek® roll 50 or 25 m – 1,52 or 3,05 m width – Protection and packaging


The reference material for packing and protecting artworks.


Tyvek® 1622E has been universally adopted for its strength, ventilation properties and safety as a packaging material for artworks since its introduction in France in 2007 by Chassitech for the Museum/MH market.
Tyvek® is available in two widths of 152 and 304.8 cm, in rolls of 50 m or 25 m (152 width only).
The current grade 1623E (= fabric feel + micro-perforations) is the most recommended grade for preventive conservation.

It can also be used as the back protection of art works when rigid protection is not necessary. When used in this way, Tyvek® enhances the value of restoration work and underlines your concern for the preventive conservation of artworks.
The large width allows a single piece of Tyvek® to be used as a back protection, which in turn, means less time is spent on installation.
In addition, Tyvek® can be made repositionable either by clipping (on our aluminium stretchers) or with our specific adhesive tapes (on our wooden stretchers) which allows for inspections at the back.
A special adhesive tape made of the same material is available to join Tyvek® films together.


  • Micro-perforated, ventilated in both directions while providing a barrier to dust particles
  • Easy repositionable fixing (please contact us)
  • Lightweight
  • Easy handling
  • Low cost

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1,52 m
3,05 m

Performance comparison of different types of back protection (in french)


Tyvek back protection evaluation (in french)


Tyvek specifications


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