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Unframed artwork poses a number of handling problems, as it can often only be handled on the artwork itself, at the risk of staining or deforming it.

To remedy this problem, it is customary after the take down of the picture to use HTS fittings, which are screwed on behind the work and unfolded both to handle the work and to secure it in a transport or storage frame.
Once the work is inserted in this way, it can be moved or placed on the floor without contact, as the frame also protects the canvas from side impact. In addition, the simple incorporation of a back panel and a cover will transform the frame into a transport or storage box.

This kind of product is mostly useful for contemporary or large format art. Therefore, it is not easy to find or manufacture such frames. Chassitech’s 5.8 m long wooden profiles make it very easy to assemble transport frames of the required dimensions.

The corner profiles are cut at a 45° angle like a normal frame and connected by means of flat brackets screwed into guide grooves.
Product available in two sections (see below) and in minimum quantities of 100m.

Lead time: 8-10 weeks



  • The frame can be fitted with a Tyvek (“tear-proof”) film by simple stapling, thus providing very effective protection.
  • Easily assembled, the angles can be just as easily dismantled for storage.

Information here: Wrapping a painting – © Government of Canada, Canadian conservation institute.

Photo credit : © FRAC PACA 2020

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