T-shaped flat hanger


The T-shaped flat hanger is a hanging system for frames that is partially visible. Nevertheless, thanks to its oven-baked white paint coating, it will discreetly blend onto light-coloured walls.
These hangers are very useful for edge-to-edge hangings.

The T-shaped flat hanger is to be fixed on the back of the frame (even thin frames) by using 2 small wood screws.
Thanks to its thinness, this hanger allows for a very stylish presentation, flushed against the wall. The picture will be flush against the wall, but will not be touching it.

The hangers are preferably screwed to the top and bottom of the frame or the stretcher, so that the object can be adjusted in height through the slotted holes.
The use of tamper resistant screws is recommended for wall fixing in ‘sensitive’ environments.

Hangers are installed in pairs for very small sizes, but generally there should be at least 3 or 4 hangers per object.

These plates can also be used as they are for direct fixing onto a travel frame.

Available in 2 sizes (55 mm × 32.5 mm and 45 mm × 27.5 mm) in sets of 10.

Tip: if walls are damp, increase the ventilation space by fitting stainless steel or white plastic spacers. .


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