’BAL2’ aluminium stretching frames

Stretching frames (or work stretchers) are used during restoration work on the support for canvas extension.

Given the infinite number of possible artwork formats, they are supplied in different profile lengths which, when assembled, form a frame slightly larger than the original stretcher. Corner brackets with a push mechanism provide tension.

The BAL2 stretching frame, which is entirely made of anodised aluminium, has an exceptional rigidity-to-weight ratio. All joints can be blocked to make handling and turning operations safer.
Tension settings can be accessed from the side and do not require the frame to be turned over. The extension capacity is more than 10 cm per side. The thickness does not exceed 19 mm.

In addition to its manufacturing quality, the BAL2 work stretcher has a unique feature: canvas strips are fixed using clips and therefore do not require staples or hooks.
This feature also allows for a more even extension, as the canvas is not blocked when sliding.

Nevertheless, the frame is surrounded by a shockproof rubber profile which can also be clamped, for example, to carry out a one-off overtensioning.

The BAL2 frame is supplied as a kit or made to measure.

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’BAL2’ aluminium stretching frames datasheet (in english)


Bal2 / BAL4 comparative


BAL2 instruction manual (in french)


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