’BAL4’ aluminium stretching frame

The BAL4 frame is a more basic but even more rigid version of the BAL2. It has been designed for the tensioning of large canvases, up to 5 m or more (with certain precautions).

The fixing system remains the same as that of the BAL2.

Lead time: 1-2 weeks


Stretching frames (also called Work stretchers) are used during the restoration process of canvas paintings. They allow the canvas to be extended and thus allow restoration work on the support to be carried out.
Given the infinite number of possible artwork formats, they are supplied in different profile lengths which, when assembled, form a frame slightly larger than the original stretcher. Corner brackets with a push mechanism ensure that the sides are spread apart, thus generating tension.

Bal2 / BAL4 comparative


’BAL4’ aluminium stretching frame datasheet (in french)


’BAL4’ aluminium stretching frame synoptic


Aluminium stretching frames Prices


BAL4 instruction manual (in french)


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