Wooden “Floating stretchers”

The number one reference for restoration stretchers, with thousands of stretchers of all sizes being used since 1991.

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Rigidity: Floating stretchers are made up of a fixed inner frame, which can be glued for extra strength. Moveable profiles are fitted around this rigid frame. The fixed inner frame significantly improves the structural behaviour of the stretchers compared to traditional stretchers, wherein extension opens the joints, causing a weakening of the joints.

Tensioning: Floating stretchers allow for very smooth and reversible tensioning, even on complex shapes. There is no need to hammer keys into the stretcher. Extension is carried out using screw inserts that are embedded in the wood at equidistant intervals and are tightened using the supplied angled key. The many tightening points makes it possible to tense the canvas differently depending on the location, which is very useful in reducing pockets and deformations.

Quality of finish: each stretcher is assembled, inspected and hand-finished in our workshop.
All sizes up to 4.8 m in standard manufacturing and all shapes can be made according to your plans and templates.

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