Cable suspender with eyelet cable for wall rails

17,8019,80 / piece

Steel cable, crimped with an eyelet and joined to the nut with a domed screw.
The nut can be inserted at any point on the rail from the front. It works as a slide, tightening the screw blocks it in its place.
Compatible with Planex and Pro-30 rails.

Stocked product: Diameter 2.5 mm, Length 4 m

7 × 7 high strength 2300 N/mm² galvanised steel cable. Max load of the cable with eyelet: 68 kg, to be reduced depending on the rail used.
Eyelet in forged steel, stainless-steel screw, zinc plated nut.

Other lengths and diameters are available upon request (Ø 1.5 mm/1.8 mm/2 mm/2.5 mm/3 mm/4 mm/5 mm).
Nuts can be made for non-listed rails.

Quantity : 20 – 99 5%
Quantity : 100-199 10%
Quantity : 200+ 15%


The weights that can be handled are based on tests conducted by Chassitech on a traction bench in near-real life conditions. They include a wide safety margin, but these are for indicative purposes. The load resistance depends very much on the quality of fastenings both on the object and in the wall.

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