End caps for canvas storage tubes


This item is designed for rolling up large papers, textiles and painted canvases for conservation or transport.
It is composed of 2 plywood disks designed to hold a spiral wound kraft tube (not supplied). The diameter of the disk is 20 cm larger than that of the tubes in order to isolate the artwork from the ground when rolled up.
Supplied with handles and threaded rods which are pre-cut according to the length of the tube.

Please contact us if you wish to order end caps in a non-standard diameter.


The end caps are connected by 2 or 4 metal rods; their perimeter is protected by an elastomer bearing profile. There are holes to allow access to the inside of the tube to facilitate positioning of the rods. Supplied with two detachable handles.
The tubes are sold under the name of “formwork tubes” in the building materials trade in various diameters and lengths. The most commonly used tube diameters are between 20 and 40 cm for textiles and between 40 and 60 cm for canvas paintings. The stress on the paint layer is greater with smaller diameters.
In the case of storage, use a barrier material between the tube and the artwork.

Tip: Where possible, the caps should be fitted immediately after the artwork has been wound onto the tubes Rolling up will be easier and will exert much less traction on the artwork.

On request:

  • End caps with a very small overhang in relation to the tube in order to facilitate the rolling of large diameters; a device to separate the tube from the floor should be installed immediately after rolling.
  • inner anti-deformation flanges made of XPS polystyrene (for long-term storage).

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