HTS fitting – Rotax (pair)


The Rotax, with or without a ring, is an HTS clip used for fixing and securing works of art in crates or frame during handling or transporting operations.

The Rotax can also be used as an overhanging plate to hang art during exhibitions.

It is the only HTS clip on the market that can be rotated and has no joints or assembly points. These joints or points take up play and do not hold the artwork firmly in place in the crate, especially when in a radial direction.

With its lack of joints, the Rotax will wear less against impact and over time. With this, it is often not required to put clips on the upper part.

The Rotax has been designed to be fitted with vibration absorbers.

Each fitting is supplied with 1 4 × 20 countersunk head screw and 1 4 × 20 domed head screw.

Sold in pairs.

Anti-rubbing stainless-steel blocks (to interpose) are available.

Registered design (FR)

Quantity: 10 – 49 5%
Quantity: 50 – 99 10%
Quantity: 100+ 15%

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