Tee-Screw for aluminium frames


This system can be used to hang and secure the majority of aluminium frames (frames with visible grooves and flat angle brackets at the back).
It can be used as a hanger fixed onto three points of the picture, or as an extra security system for artwork that already uses other hanging systems.
Sold in 2 versions.

  • Kit n° 1: the frame is suspended on 2 flat hooks that are fixed into the wall. The T-shaped Tee-Screw is also screwed into the wall and is placed in the middle of the groove at the bottom of the frame. Turning the screw by ¼ turn locks the system.
    This kit is made up of 2 flat hooks + 1 T-screw + 1 dowel.
  • Kit n° 2 “High security installation” – : see product sheet.
    This kit is made up of 3 T-screws + 3 dowels. R

Requires the special locking and unlocking tool.

Additional information

Screw length

38,2 mm

Screw head dimensions

13,8 × 3,8 × 1,8 mm

Tee-Screws datasheet (in french)


Anti-pull-off catchs function (in french)


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