(Very) large format Floating stretchers

We specialise in, and routinely create, very large format stretchers.
For example, we have produced stretchers up to 12 m in length.
Some of these stretchers are equipped with automatic tensioning mechanisms.

These large format stretchers are made of an aluminium structure and wooden perimeter profiles.

Production time: 10-12 weeks


In general, Chassitech considers stretchers of more than 6 m (in at least one of their dimensions) to be very large format.
Some pieces, such as Dioramas, can reach or exceed dimensions of 20 m × 60 m.
In situations like this, even if we wonder about the feasibility of the project, the stretcher solution is discarded in favour of a wall display more in keeping with the original presentation.

Traction problems on canvas fibres in the upper zone of the painting are recurrent. They often need canvas lining for reinforcement. These problems are exacerbated for ceiling paintings (bulging)
They are sometimes so fragile that self-regulating tensioning stretchers are required.

Handling is the main problem, however.
Chassitech has designed and developed a range of aluminium structure stretchers, to ease turning during restoration or to simply make it easier to hang them up. These stretchers are on average three times lighter than 19th-century wooden stretchers, which, when their frame is added, could weigh up to a ton.

Another specificity of very large formats is the difficulty of installing them due to their weight, which makes it incompatible with usual hardware. Large and sometimes unsightly, square or rectangular metal rod solutions were created to replace large antique fastenings.
To improve installation and hanging, Chassitech developed a range of discreet cable hangings in the early 2000s.
Alongside this, Chassitech also developed adjustable mounting plate systems.
These hangings, which were originally used in industry, are safe and certified for this use with safety coefficients around 5 but which can reach 10 for certain setups, such as ceiling canvases positioned directly above the public (the allowable load is 10 times less than the breaking load).
Art storage: Very large format paintings are usually removed from their stretcher and are rolled onto large diameter cylinders.

Example of mounting a canvas on a NEC80 stretcher.

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